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The PWP Difference:

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At Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd. we understand that quality matters. Our difference starts with the trees. We harvest timber from our own timber license allowing for selection of timber best suited for our products. Each part of the production process is completed at our 23 acre production plant including bucking to length, peeling, pointing and doming, drying and treating. This allows us to ensure that the products we produce meet quality control standards set at each part of the process.



The Dry Kiln Advantage:

All wood products must have the natural moisture removed from the wood cells in order for the wood preserving chemicals to penetrate the sapwood. PWP is the only fence post producer with a dry kiln. Our 3,500 square foot Moore dry kiln rapidly dries the wood and ensures that sapwood penetration and wood preservative retention is achieved according to the AWPA and CSA treating standards - another part of the PWP difference.


On-Site Treating Plant:

A kiln dried, CCA pressure treated post that meets AWPA and CSA standards has a life expectancy of 25 years. That's what puts the quality in our posts.

We are one of the only manufacturers of post and rail that meets Canadian Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Highways standards for treating penetration and retention (exceeding the industry standard for agricultural uses)


Fixation and Core Sampling:

To ensure chemical retention in our products, every charge that goes through the treatment tube fixates in the dry kiln to allow the chemical to set into the wood cells, and any excess to drip off onto a concrete pad.

After fixation, we take a core sample of every charge to check for the minimum of .40 penetration and retention required by government standards.

This is why we guarantee our products will last for 25 years.



PWP is AWPA certifiedPWP is CWPCA certifiedPrinceton Wood Preservers is CSA certifiedPWP and pressure treated wood products

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