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PWP is an industry leader for producing pressure treated round wood post and rail products of the highest quality, with particular attention to aesthetic appearance. Our quality assurance is rooted in our strict adherence to pressure treating standards established by the American Wood Preservers Association (AWPA), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Canadian Wood Preservation Certificate Authority (CWPCA) for Environmental Plant Certification. From coast to coast, north and south of the border, Princeton Wood Preservers is the name in quality and consistency.


News Release

Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd (PWP) is excited to announce that on June 17th, 2014 an agreement was signed with Ledcor Resources & Transportation for the acquisition of the Princeton Post and Rail (PPR) plant site. The agreement also includes wood supply for both mills for the next eight years. Both mills will now be operating under the name Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd.

The acquisition of the PPR facility is a nice fit with PWP's current production and treating plant 18 km east of Princeton. This expansion will raise the profile of the company as an employer in Princeton and a supplier in the Pacific Northwest. PWP will be investing in upgrading fixed and mobile equipment at both sites to help boost production and adhere to a high standard of safety.

Elizabeth Marion, president and owner of PWP said “this is the most significant expansion of PWP’s business in its 41-year history. With the production power of two plants and a guaranteed wood supply, we will be able to expand to meet the demands of our Canadian and American customers.”

“With the equipment in place, and wood supply secured, we plan on creating more full
time permanent jobs,” said Marion. Since the takeover PWP has hired 8 new employees for a total of 37 between the two mills, and are looking for at least 8 more. Loader and maintenance experience is definitely an asset, but not required.

Marion bought the business in 2005 and has been dreaming of expanding ever since. With the recession in 2008, those dreams seemed distant and the company went through some very difficult times. With the help and dedication of several long term employees, they pulled through and are now looking to the future. “Almost all of the crew are new,” she said. “With their youth and enthusiasm, we are all very excited about what we can do and what the possibilities are.”

We are excited to be moving forward as a team, and facing the challenges and successes of learning to operate as one company. “My vision for the company is to become the #1 post supplier in the Pacific Northwest,” said Marion. “In the end, it’s all about doing what we do best: producing pressure-treated round wood products of the highest quality in North America.”

“Come join our team and be a part of Princeton’s future.”

If you have any additional questions or need any other information, please contact Elizabeth Marion at 250.295.7911 ex 101 or 250.492.1129

PWP is AWPA certifiedPWP is CWPCA certifiedPrinceton Wood Preservers is CSA certifiedPWP and pressure treated wood products

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